Board approves resolution opposing charter school expansion in Missouri
Board approves resolution opposing charter school expansion in Missouri
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
The Pattonville Board of Education on Feb. 14 approved a resolution opposing the expansion of charter schools in Missouri. The resolution stated the board's concerns about how such an expansion could impact the current level of programs and services the board provides for students in Pattonville schools. The resolution reads as follows:

Whereas, the General Assembly is currently debating whether to expand charter schools across the state of Missouri, and

Whereas, charter schools are classified as public schools and funded by state and local taxpayers but are governed by unelected boards, and

Whereas, Pattonville has a three-year APR (Annual Performance Report) average of 96.1 percent and is the most diverse school district in Missouri with our African-American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic and free/reduced lunch students consistently performing near or above the state average for all students and well above category-alike peers, and

Whereas, Pattonville has a long history of providing educational choice within the school district, and

Whereas, if the General Assembly allows charter schools to expand into our school district, taxpayers in our community will not have a say in whether a charter school is needed, and

Whereas, the cost of sending one Pattonville student to a charter school is $13,165 with the state of Missouri contributing only $831 (or 6 percent) and local taxpayers picking up most of the tab, and

Whereas, if only 100 students who reside in the Pattonville community, regardless of whether they currently attend Pattonville or not, enroll in a charter school, $1,316,584 or the equivalent of 20 teachers will be removed from Pattonville classrooms, and

Whereas, in 2016, 98.6 percent of Missouri public school districts scored in the accredited range on their state APR while only 52.8 percent of Missouri charter schools met that same standard, and

Whereas, when a charter school closes or refuses to enroll a student, local school districts are the safeguard to ensure ALL students in their community receive a free and appropriate public education, and

Whereas, our local taxpayers demand effective and efficient use of the resources they provide our school district, and

Whereas, our Pattonville voters have faithfully supported tax increases and bond issues for the sole purpose of ensuring ALL our communities’ children have access to a free and appropriate public education, and

Whereas, a strong Pattonville School District is essential to the health, vitality and economic development of Bridgeton, Maryland Heights, St. Ann and unincorporated St. Louis County,

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Board of Education of the Pattonville School District hereby urges legislators in the General Assembly to reject the expansion of charter schools in the state of Missouri.