Pattonville students selected for Blooming Artists Project
Pattonville students selected for Blooming Artists Project
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Six students from Pattonville have been accepted into the Blooming Artists Project, which pairs third- through 12th-graders with local master artists.

Students submit artwork they've created and a statement about their piece. Local artists are then paired with a student and asked to create a new piece of art inspired by the student's work. The student and artist meet at an interview night later in February, where the duo get to know each other and talk about their work, and the master artist can share his/her ideas for a new piece. The project encourages continued communication between the student and artist throughout the process.

Pattonville students selected for the Blooming Artists Project this year are: Khayden Cole, a fourth-grader at Drummond Elementary School; Kara Griffin and Maggie Haselbauer, fifth-graders at Willow Brook Elementary School; Navy Noble, an eighth-grader, and Analiese Smith, a seventh-grader, at Holman Middle School; and Sean Foley and Celia Friedrich, both 10th-graders at Pattonville High School. They were taught by Josie Cammarata, Dawn Lynn, Montie Richter and Beth Kathriner.

"This is an amazing opportunity for students to meet and be mentored by working artists and be recognized for their own success in art," Kathriner said.

The project culminates in May with an exhibit at 1900 Park, an art gallery in Lafayette Square in St. Louis. There, the students and local artists are featured in a formal gallery opening, where the student's work is shared next to the local artist's piece. More than 30 students were selected for this year's program.

"The intent is to show young artists that their ideas have merit and can inspire even seasoned artists," according to the Blooming Artists Project's website.

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