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Panther Press

Welcome to Panther Press! Panther Press is one of Parkwood Student Council (StuCo) projects dedicated to sharing the great news happening within the Parkwood school community. 

On this page you can take a tour of Parkwood, meet our Panther Press reporters, get to know Parker the mascot and catch up on Panther Press issues!

StuCo Sponsors

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Our School Family

At Parkwood, we are one school family! Check out this bulletin board to see all the members of our school family!


Tour Parkwood!

Get a tour of the school from on of our vary own Parkwood students and explore what makes Parkwood great!


Student Council

Parkwood Student Council (StuCo) is made up of classroom representatives in grades K-5th. Our StuCo are leaders within the building and support many projects.


Panther Press Reporters

3rd grade


4th grade


5th grade


Q&A with Parker

Our Panther Press Crew came up with some questions for Parker. Mrs. Ott & Mrs. Strain interviewed Parker- check out his answers.

  • How long has he been the mascot? 20 years 

  • Favorite color? Panther Blue

  • When is his birthday? August 20th, Parker is 20 years old!

  • What does he do when he’s not at Parkwood? When Parker isn't at PW he likes to go back to the jungle and see his family or play at Parkwood park. 

  • Does he go out to eat? Sometimes, his favorites are sandwiches and Chick-fil-A.

  • Does he play any games or sports? Parker loves all games and sports he especially like puzzles and basketball 

  • What’s his favorite drink? Parker mostly drinks water but enjoys smoothies and milkshakes sometimes 

  • What’s his favorite food? He loves Ms. Kim's buffalo chicken dip from the cafeteria 

Panther Press Issues